Toyota Wish  2013

Toyota Wish MPV Class 2013

A few days ago Toyota’s Japanese market launch of new compact MPV class. Wish seven- seater in an attractive package delivers exceptional usability and excellent drive ability.
The main guiding principle in constructing this model was the “realization of desire” and judging by the early recordings, Toyota has once again managed to create a car of your dreams. Wish boasts a dynamic and attractive suit, while the interior delivers plenty space.

While every comment seems superfluous outside, we will stop only at the numbers. Wish the long 4.55 m wide, 1695 m 1:59 me high. Nothing special, but even a wheelbase of 2.75 meters is very much worth mentioning. Not only that it is one of the best minivans, but also one of the most Toyota models in this decade.

Interiors follow signs placed on the exterior design. So basically this means that the environment is very tastefully decorated, and sporty details only further raise the impression. As this is a minivan, Wish characterized by a very comfortable cabin, in which three rows of seats can accommodate five adults.

The second row of seats has the possibility of overlap in the ratio 60:40, and the longitudinal movement of the stroke of 190 mm. The third row of seats can also be folded down (50:50), and gently pressing the switch.

The model is extremely well equipped. This applies primarily from the standpoint of passive and active safety, since the Wish series has a front and side airbags, curtain airbags, active belt, ABS, EBD … for good sound background made sure JBL, while the list of accessories is only DVD satellite navigation system (voice acting) and a rear camera.

“As its name suggests, Wish (Wish) is a new generation of vehicle development, which seeks to create the ideal vehicle, able to satisfy the aspirations of many people …” he said on the occasion of launch of a major developer Takeshi Yoshida.
In the near future, the offer will be extended to something more powerful 2-liter gasoline engine. Contrary to expectations, Wish  not even by the Ministry of Agriculture, Infrastructure and Transport rated highly acceptable for the environment and is classified in the category of low vehicle emissions.

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