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Toyota Wish 2013

Toyota Wish 2013 is a new family car from Toyota factory. In this model, all set up long journeys, great comfort at such a level that the driver almost gets tired while driving. Our warm recommendation for this phone.

2013 Toyota Wish 500x262

Welcome everyone to the 2013 Toyota WISH. This is a facelifted version of the second-generation Toyota WISH but on the outside, it’s a bit more different than what you would expect for its minor model change.

The Wish 1.8X and the Wish 1.8G variants feature a rather simple design with some silver lining in the middle of the grille. On the 1.8A, 1.8S, and the 2.0Z variants, the front view is much more better looking and the bumpers are a bit more stylish yet sporty. Whichever Wish you choose, the rear lamps are now a bit more chrome than the previous pre-facelift model or maybe it’s a hint of something altezza-ish (no, that’ can’t be right).

2013 Toyota Wish 2

Freshness exterior grille looks on, the decoration on the back door, rear lights with LED turn signal side mirrors in the house, new alloy wheels and sporty bumper (certain types). Interior revisions include the use of carbon coating, cloth upholstery, color meter cluster.

2013 Toyota Wish 3 500x248

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