2012 Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza 2012

The 2012 Toyota Venza is that is closest to the Camry Wagon. Venza does not look like a rugged off-road vehicles, but also avoids some high performance as a crossover. Design a car that is on the market there for three years and he has not lost its quality, looks soft and modern. Separation in relation to other Venza is not a priority, but it is certainly a good family car with a combination of what offers off-road vehicle. As for the interior, has a little more luxury than the Camry or Highlander – taking cues, almost, as an on-a-budget Lexus RX 350th

Not clearly specified performance, this is an adequate family car if they do not amusing. The base 182-horsepower, 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine, teamed to a six-speed automatic falls strictly into the adequate category. Will move without much effort, with the desire to go forward on steep hills or full loads. With the 268-hp, 3.5-liter V-6, you get a smoother, stronger character again that’s more along the lines of the Lexus RX 350, but you lose several mpg. When you take a better look Venza is not a convertible sports car or SUV even though it has characteristics of both.

Venza has all that is necessary for passenger comfort, and this will be easy to identify the type of Toyota customers. The high roof allows normal seating and a nice man to be corrected during the ride. Other advantages are related to the design, seat glide easily and moving, seats are not too high, rear seats are very spacious for a couple of adults to sit together, folding seats is also easy, the last-set match and second home owners who travel. This is a soft, quiet car, where the noise isolation that gives importance to it as a luxury vehicle. Admittedly, only a little more noise than the Lexus. Only a little at a loss because of hard plastic that has a little too much.

It is little changed this year but so far has three variants. The driver and passengers are protected from road-dust accumulated while getting into and out of the vehicle Venza provides a low step-over height for improved ergonomics and because the closed doors cover the rocker panels.


2012 Toyota Venza 3 500x3752012 Toyota Venza 2 500x375

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