Hybrid Models of Aqua

Toyota Began Selling Hybrid Models of Aqua

Referring to the “first 17 years of expertise and technology in the development of mass production of hybrid vehicles,” Toyota said that its 1.5-liter Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II) with a reduction gear reduction delivers 100 horsepower and maximum fuel economy.

In Japanese test fuel consumption, Aqua spent between 2.5 and 2.8 L/100 km. Motor is called. Atkinson cycle of operation, or use what is called. Exhaust Gas Recirculation-recirculation (EGR) method, an efficient water pump that is powered by a battery, uses transmission by timing belt and has a precise control of coolant flow to monitor her.
The hybrid drive, which includes the operation of the control units, engine power battery and the engine is also designed to be small and lightweight. Like the Prius, the choice of only the electric drive mode allows a relatively short range and slow speed. Useful boot capacity is reserved, as the hybrid batteries are located under the rear seats.

Model Aqua is a fun and easy to drive with a lot of the options as you would expect from such a model. However, the model has several additional options to only Japanese market that support access for people with disabilities. This includes rotating passenger seat to ease entry and exit of invalids, and electrical mechanism for loading / unloading of wheelchairs with space to store them.

There are some options for disabled people, including a specially designed steering wheel mechanism that reduces the power needed to turn the steering wheel, helping to facilitate the handling of the vehicle during acceleration and low speed (steering wheel is at start up and at low speeds heavier).

The car has excellent LED headlamps, satellite navigation, reversing camera, advanced info-screens, upgraded audio system with speakers and more.

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