Toyota Avensis Combi 2.0 D-4D

Toyota has freshened up the middle graders Avensis. We drove the combination with the two-liter diesel.
Key data
PS KW: 124 hp (91 kW)
Drive: Front wheel, 6 speed manual
0-100 km / h: 10.10 seconds
Maximum speed: 200 km / h
Price: € 25,950

An eye-catcher was not previously the Toyota Avensis. Ever had the middle-grade students from bestsellers such as VW Passat and Skoda Octavia is not simply because he was not convinced in detail. Now the revised version comes to us, and the Japanese, so assured were also German needs into consideration.

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The richly chromed front has a self-conscious, there are trendy at the rear LED lights. The better-equipped cockpit displays smoother surfaces and more embellishments, the cheeks of the new front seats offer greater lateral support. We drove the popular combo, which holds a sales share of 77 percent. Motorized we used the optimized entry-level diesel 2.0 D-4D Toyota promises because of the 124-hp four-cylinder fuel consumption of just 4.6 liters.

We moved almost 100 kilometers of this team, we were basically satisfied. The Toyota Avensis goes after the renovation stress free and comfortable, its steering is more sporty and precise feedback, the chassis now allows more dynamic without sacrificing comfort, and noise insulation is exemplary. The quiet purring diesel, which reached its maximum torque at 1,600 rpm already (before 1800) has enough power, although one must resort to highway slopes of the knob of the often clean out a six-speed gearbox. Okay, after all, the car weighs 1555 kg. The six-converter automatic Toyota offers only the 2.2-liter diesel (150 hp / from 31 300 €).

Movement is good and headroom there, even for large Grown in two rows of seats. At the back of the trunk when folded seat backs provides a flat load floor. What is disturbing: The setting for steering (axial) and rear head restraints are relatively short, the door side pockets too small, and according to the diesel-board computer swallowed during normal driving an average of 7.4 liters – that’s just barely. Found favor in the new Toyota Avensis, easy-to-use Touch & Go system (from 550 €) for all audio and navigation issues.

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