third generation Prius

The Toyota Prius Third Generation

The first few miles of the third generation Prius is made in almost ideal conditions, perfect for Swedish roads around Stockholm. Although they say that beauty lies in the eye of the observer, it seemed that almost all people generally have the same eyes as the second generation Prius was the matter. The third generation almost immediately well received.

The impression that  gained the promotional drive has not changed since what was lacking in the previous model, makes a new baseline – of course, it is the dynamics. The first and second and third generation is formed in the tunnel for aerodynamic research, but only the latter has a sporty character and presence that will make the viewer to remember, not to forget it as soon as car disappears from view. The characteristic elements such as a domed roof and tall rear are still present, but are somehow better blend into a whole.

When it comes to interior design, the Prius has been the “hi-tech”, but now looks more luxurious and modern, thanks to the elimination of a large central screen, whose functions are moved to a raised console, while the display , or rather, the information center moved to the instrument board, next to the windshield.

Directly in front of the driver is a “head-up” display that projects information in front of the driver so that it does not have to look away from the road. It can display the current speed, the flow of energy hybrid system or basic user navigation system if it has a car. A large number of “buttons” require adjustment, but all controls are logically arranged.

As part of the standard multifunction steering wheel comes with sensors on the keys  that the 3D display driver to display a button which holds the finger. Why would a man looked at the display that shows the layout of switches, rather than in the switches, it is probably still one of the secrets of the Far East, but in any case, this solution seems very interesting.


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