New Toyota 86xstyle Cb

Car for those who want to return to the past but a nice one.
Toyota GT 86 is its complete model gave ristajling in order to buy this attractive ways ladies. Most of the changes are focused on the front end of the vehicle that looks completely different than the factory version, while the rear can see the new lights, bumper SANOVA modified tailpipes.

Toyota 86xStyle Cb CarScoop 2 280x186

Also, the vehicle is rejected and a new spoiler and two-tone color scheme in a package with changes to the bodywork. This specially decorated GT86 model is equipped with 18 “BBS aluminum wheels with Goodyear Eagle LS Premium 215/45 R18 tires front and 225 & 45 R19 rear.

Toyota 86xStyle Cb CarScoop 3 280x186

Improvements forces are not included as the only change concerning the performance of this model with one that includes a Brembo braking system with front brakes with four-cylinder in the jaw, and the back 2 cylinders.

Toyota 86xStyle Cb CarScoop 4 280x174

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